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Experience Maori culture past and present. Immerse yourself in our world.


Our private and personal guided NZ tours discover the real story of the Maori, past and present. The experience will touch your heart and open your mind. We invite you to take an intimate, personal and spiritual journey with us through the lives of the Waimarama tribe as we share our culture. Get to know our family and feel the power of our sacred native landscapes.

Ecotourism - Kaitiakitanga

We live our lives according to the principles of kaitiakitanga – a way of managing the environment based on the traditional Maori view. As guardians of our land we have created the Hakikino Conservation Reserve and Nursery.

Kaitiakitanga means guardianship, protection or preservation. We believe that there is a deep relationship between people and the natural world. Customary practices maintain the balance between nature and our people and ensure that resources are managed sustainably.

As the kaitiaki of Waimarama, we work to conserve the natural heritage of our ancestral lands, address environmental problems and reclaim our traditional knowledge.

Our vision is to bring back the original environment of our homelands by replanting, replenishing native bush and restoring the voice of the forest.