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A Day in the Life of a Maori Elder

A distinctive, private and personal 5 hour Maori Tour including lunch and transportation

Available at any time that suits you

Waimarama based

Robert Mac Donald is a historian, writer and respected elder of his Ngati Kurukuru tribe. He was raised in the small coastal community of Waimarama where he still lives today. This very special tour gives you unfettered access to the world of Maori rarely seen by outsiders.

Robert has a rich Māori heritage.  He is knowledgeable and articulate and an excellent and interesting story teller.  With humour and grace he will share his personal insights with you.

Take a walk with him on the ancestral sacred lands of Hakikino where his people loved, fought and died over 700 years ago. Visit the native plant nursery where today the family strive to restore, conserve and protect remnant bush areas. Understand the unique challenges of combining all of this in a contemporary and viable farming business and see for yourself why he is so proud of their South Devon cattle.

Visit with his family at their ancestral home built over one hundred years ago by his grandfather, and at their marae reservation.

Robert has an interesting and varied life and he enjoys meeting people and sharing a meal which you will enjoy together at a local Hawke’s Bay restaurant.

The tour is informal and relaxed and provides you with an insider’s perspective on being Maori as Robert relates historical and contemporary Maori culture from a unique and personal point of view.  

This 5 hour tour includes transportation and lunch.


$395 per person (a minimum of 2 people).  

Includes transportation and lunch.

We are happy to spend more time with you at an additional charge of $95 per hour.

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